SQL Server deadlocks –Common Patterns

I get to play with a lot of deadlocks these days, part by chance and part by choice. So I thought it is a good idea to start a blog series about handling different types deadlocks.

I will try to establish some context about general deadlock properties and then introduce you to some common and some not so common deadlock patterns.



Cyclic deadlock

Conversion deadlock

Multi-Victim Deadlocks

Deadlock due to different access Paths

Deadlock due to different access Order

Deadlock due to different lock granularity

Deadlock due to Foreign Key Constraints

Deadlock due to Parallelism

Deadlocks due to Partition Level Lock Escalation


Deadlocks involving Select Into

Deadlock due to Savepoint Rollback behavior

Deadlocks due to Hash Collision

Deadlocks Involving Lock Partitions

Deadlocks due to Lock Partitioning

Deadlock due to Implicit Conversion



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